Our Team.

This is team On The 1 Media! Everyone brings their talent to put together some incredible projects. My name is Brian Monds, I am the editor and camera guy, Mashavu Gordon is the owner of Mashavu Makes Cakes. Baking is her passion and she is also one of our presenters, voice actor and coordinator for events. Ruby is our in house graphics artist and keeps us up to date on the younger trends are and how we can use it in our productions. Our team is family oriented and strong in work ethic!

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Brian Monds

Director/ Producer/Owner/ 


Mashavu Gordon

Marketing and Event Director Cake4Kids, Mashavu Makes Cakes

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Ruby Monds

Graphics & Art Designer

My vision has always been creating visuals that are different and engaging. I started On The 1 Media to be a platform for Out of the box AV production. I encourage clients to go with their vision, even if it breaks traditional video standards. It's not wild if  it works!

Everyone has a story and I want to use my voice to share unique perspectives that change this world for the better.  Making people smile, one cake at a time, is my absolute joy!

I'm pursuing my studies in Digital Art and Animation to become an Animator.  Ask me about the latest in music, games and art!


980 229 8233


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